I am Sebastian Albert

Licenced photography and communications designer

About me

I stand for professionalism, uniqueness, and individuality.

Would you like to take your photography to a higher level? Or are you looking for help in the field of visual communication? Well, I’d like to support you!
I am Sebastian Albert, born in Salzburg and dedicated to photography. I stand for professionalism, uniqueness, and individuality. Every photographic project, every commission, and every personal contact is unique. I look forward to meeting you and working together to realize your project. My personality can be described as a photographer, free thinker, storyteller, traveller, climber, rider, wanderer, bookworm, cosmopolitan …
I have a great passion for photography because it can tell stories and portray emotions. A photograph is much more than a two–dimensional image; it is memories, hopes, joy, and desire. It is unique. It is “painting with light”.
I graduated from the Lazi Private-Academy, Stuttgart (The European School of Art and Design) with the Lazi Diploma and the state–recognized Diploma in Photographic Design. For my excellence in design I was awarded the “Lazi Award”, and my series 10.509 FT | 3.203 M gained me the third place in the Architecture-Buildings category of the International Photography Awards 2015. To broaden my knowledge further, I have been attending the master’s course in Image Science at the Danube University Krems since December 2014 and the master’s course in Photography (Visual Communication) at the Interactive Design Institute (University of Hertfordshire) since October 2017.
I thank you for your interest and look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely Sebastian Albert

“Photography is light and shadow. It is colour in a grey world or desaturation in a hyper colourful sea. It presents and subtracts, it is objective and yet the embodiment of subjectivity. It is percipience.”

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International Photographer Of The Year Photography Awards 2015
My series “10.509 FT | 3.203 M” was awarded the 1st place in the Architecture-Buildings category (Professional) of the International Photographer of the Year Awards 2015.

International Photography Awards 2015
This year, The International Photography Awards received 17841 of submissions from over 230 countries, and is pleased to declare that Sebastian Albert was awarded 3rd place in Architecture-Buildings for the winning entry 10.509 FT | 3.203 M

Lazi Award
July 2014; Lazi Akademie gGmbH
This award is made in recognition of design excellence in the final year diploma submission, 10509 ft, Almöhi, As Times Goes By, Unsere liebe Frau, Waidmannsheil, Driving to Nowhere and Granica — many works with a variety of themes, which display throughout a cohesive overall concept with a very good verbal presentation.


MA Photography (Visual Communication)
October 2017 — ongoing, Interactive Design Institute & University of Hertfordshire, Master of Arts

Image Science M.A.
December 2014 — ongoing; Danube University Krems, Master of Arts
Visual Expertise, Digital Collection-Management, Photography

Digital Marketing Nanodegree
August – November 2017, Udacity

Exhibition Development
October 2015 — 2017; Danube University Krems, Certified Program

Writing For The Web
September 2015; Open2Study, Certificate of Achievement

The Art Of Photography
September 2015; RMIT University, Certificate of Achievement

Lazi-Diploma: Foto- Und Kommunikations-Designer
State–recognized Diploma in Photographic Design
2011 — 2014; Lazi Akademie gGmbH