The goal of this photographic series is the characterization of the skiing region “Kitzsteinhorn” from an yet unknown angle of vision. The subtraction of the human being should focus the concentration of the viewer on the ski lift’s constructional characteristics and the unique flair of the high alpine landscape.

Because of these character portraits of the ski lifts, they gain an escalated importance, which they would not accomplish otherwise, as they are solely seen as conveyors and incarnate only the purpose of aid in ascension.
In their true grandeur, they embody futuristic architectural formations, which scrape their existence besides cliffy rocks, which are coated in white virginity.
Without a soul in sight, they appear misplaced, like alien creatures, like statues from another world.
This series should put these formations in symbiosis with the high alpine landscape in its true light by the subtraction of the human being, to enable the viewer to consecrate himself solely, without being distracted by the ski circus, to these architectural and scenic characteristics.

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10.509 ft | 3.203 m

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